How do you create a strong bond with your baby? (ENG)

The ultimate long-term relationship with your child starts with a good start from the beginning. As they say: "A good start is half the work" and also in this case that is certainly true. It is not only nice to build a close relationship with your baby, but also very important. A close bond with your baby is very good for his self-confidence and this will come back in his dealings with others later on. Soon at the nursery or kindergarten the fruits of this will be harvested, both by the parents and the child itself. But anyway, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves! Let's go back to where it all begins.

In the Uterus

This very first phase of being pregnant is of great importance. Here also the foundation is laid for raising the baby. This is perhaps also the most exciting phase for all parents! Various studies have shown that parents who make contact with the baby during pregnancy have, among other things, less chance of having a crying baby. In addition, it makes newborn babies feel more relaxed and feel better about themselves. Although the baby is not yet visible (next to the X-rays), the basis for a good bond is laid immediately after fertilization. To stimulate this, you can do different things as a parent.

But WHAT?!

Among other things, you can put your hands on your belly and try to rub it gently. Approximately after 6 months there is a good chance that the baby will actually react to this and try to come to it. If you know how the baby lies in the belly you can also take this into account. This can also be done in a more playful way by drumming your fingers on the belly. Try to do this at a certain rhythm and your baby will recognize this for sure! Let your most creative side do its work here. Another form of recognition can also be through music. Sing or play the same song regularly and the baby will remember this song as a 'safe feeling'. For a baby, a safe feeling is very important to feel good. In addition, it ensures that you also have a good lullaby for when the time comes and the baby is no longer in the belly. All in all, all loving forms of talking, sounding, moving and massaging are pleasant for the baby and will have a positive effect on the development of a close bond.

Here I am!

Once that is the case, the bonding process of course continues. The simplest way to boost this process is through skin-to-skin contact. Pregnancy coaches therefore always recommend to hold the newborn against your bare skin as soon as possible. This is because the baby mainly makes contact with his skin with the outside world. A baby can't do much more than taste and feel. Because of this, the importance of touching is enormous. Not only is this important immediately after delivery, but it will remain so during the first weeks. If your baby is placed in the incubator, don't worry! And start skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible afterwards. Even then you can still easily continue to build a loving relationship.

As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, the bonding process between mother (parents) and child is very important. It has been established that babies who are more held, cherished and cuddled often grow faster and build a stronger bone system. The baby will also build a better bond with other contacts such as a friendship or relationship while growing up. Despite all the doubts you will have when raising it, believe in yourself that you are doing well. If you do it with love, you will often have come a long way! Finally, ENJOY! It is a fantastic process in which you find yourself at the moment and you are about to become a fantastic parent.

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